Notes (Part 2) from the Soul Family conference hosted by Cobra, March 16th-17th 2019 in Budapest

Disclaimer: these are personal notes, not Cobra’s exact words. Some parts may match well, others not so much.

Notes have been approved by Cobra.

Meditation with Light, forming the Galactic network of Light, the Galactic Prophecy

Islands of Light

----- Q & A ------

Question: dedication to the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Answer: It (dedication) is a matter of free will from within; inspiring and reaching out through the social media.

Question: Agarthan network under Budapest.

Answer: Priestesses are performing their kundalini activations underground right now.

Question: Implants.

Answer: The two implants in head require dedicated work of several years to be cleared.

~ Introducing the Islands of Light ~

We have been used to work in this 3D reality, the matrix.

Protocols to enter in Agartha network:

Joining the Resistance Movement will not solve your personal problems. You need to become an equal partner, a sovereign being of Light, only then the interaction is possible, otherwise there can be too much of a cultural shock.

Four phases:

1. theoretical,

2. finding your soul family and connecting with your soul family,

3. physically moving to the Islands of Light with your soul family,

4. creating physical contacts with your starry family and Agarthans.

It is about your own personal choice, your own physical action.

Islands of Light are based upon the sacred geometry.

The group of people that can be stable enough:

  • it needs to be a soul family,

  • each member has to have at least partially cleared his/hers primary implant, having an active connection to his own mission, to the soul and inner guidance, to a certain degree,

  • needs to have cleared the implant above the navel (jealousy) to at least some degree,

  • each member needs to be aware of his own shadow,

  • must not make projections,

  • be ready to face oneself and be prepared to correct ones mistakes.

Potential locations for the Islands of Light:

- Brazil (Sao Paolo),

- Crete (Greece),

- Hungary;

This is an uncharted territory. A website will be created for this purpose.

The bubbles of Heaven

The new phase in the phase transition for this planet includes the creation of the Bubbles of Heaven. BOH are a new reality which manifests through all dimensions – a response from the Cosmic Central Sun - the most evolved consciousness. Our coherent signal was strong enough to draw attention of the Cosmic Central Race. It was signal for them that the surface population is ready for transformation. For the first time in history of this universe, the CCR began to send their specific energy signature to the planet with the key to dissolve the primary anomaly. The Event is occurring through us, through our consciousness. A very specific energy field was created, which changes the structure – it is registering in our brain and our pineal gland begins to activate in a very specific way. It emits a new frequency, bends reality around us which cannot be reached by the dark ones. The more people connect with the CCS energy, the more Bubbles of Heaven will be created. When two or more people meet within this frequency, it creates an even more powerful field, it creates the Bubbles of Heaven. They will just expand and grow and get bigger. This energy triggers our unprocessed things inside of us – it is still a red pill, not an aspirin.

Islands of Light are actually a creation of this new frequency. They are the manifestation process with three steps:

- Decision,

- Invocation,

- Realization/action – taken physical action towards manifestation,

- find your soul family and connect with your soul family.

It happens through the heart chakra, it needs certain consciousness on the level of the heart chakra.

There are three main blocks in the unified consciousness field.

1. The first huge blockage is located in the first chakra: the first part is the fear of survival – this is based on past life experiences, when you died from hunger. Then there are many believe systems associated with this chakra about money. There are two aspects of this flow: becoming the channel to manifest money; you need to contribute financially without being involved in the 3D matrix.

That is the most powerful blockage.

2. The second blockage is located in the second chakra: the sexual healing – there is a separation to great extent between the second and fourth chakra. This implant is always triggered in each of these groups. You can successfully overcome this only if there is enough consciousness about this program in order to dissolve it. It results in big dramas….

3. The third blockage is located in the third chakra: the attachments to those who are not going to live with you in the Islands of Light. It is all about being ready to release this attachment. There are compromises to get along with the matrix program. Those compromises will be challenged. The life force cannot be suppressed, cannot be controlled. It will …

The second aspect of this blockage is the tendency to project their issues to other people.

All people, that are comfortably settled in the 3D matrix, will be faced with this transformation when the galactic wave hits the Earth. It will be pleasant for those who will go with it. The energy will find you, it cannot be suppressed.

Coronal mass ejection of our physical Sun – the Event.

We are creating the Breakaway civilization by creating the Islands of Light.

The foundation for the Islands of Light is only possible within the Goddess energy. The Sisterhood of the Rose support field is required for this next step.

We need an organizer, a website designer, articles about the Islands of Light, advanced architectural approach, forming connections, recognizing, finding each other,…

Reality shaping – reality is manifested through a portal – the portal is our Light body – utilize your Light body manifestation.

Vortex spots are also good for the Islands of Light locations. The Islands of Light are assisting in the manifestation of the New Atlantis. Living on a vortex point makes everything magnified, more expressed. This planet was meant to become a paradise. The Islands of Light are healthy cells in the planetary Light body. There is a great plan, great vision behind this.

On one side there are war zones and on the other the Bubbles of Heaven.

We will be challenged, all people will challenge us, everything needs to be released.

Guidance, plan is available to you, but you need to walk the path.

The collapse of this system is an irreversible process. Those who will create the Islands of Light will assist all of humanity to adapt to the change.

Energy grid

Contact Dish and Entry Protocols are protected with galactic law. If the cabal agents try to intervene they will be blocked and killed. If you invite the Pleiadians to land on your land, that land is protected by the galactic law and galactic treaties according to the Law of intervention. Planet Earth is a galactic domain. Last year, when beta timeline collapsed, the Galactic High Council has convened and come to an agreement, a decision, that ….to take the Earth with military force. The Galactic Codex is the main legal codex for everything which is happening. One part of the Event is the military operation (Pleiadians contacting positive military in USA, Russia..)

Psychologically speaking, the Resistance Movement is more closely associated with us. There exist the underground Islands of Light. RM are quite skilled fighters (modern tech, martial arts).

Social dynamics between soul families

We have many closest people, that are not on the surface of the planet. When contact begins between the RM, Pleiadians and the surface population, we need to be psychological prepared for these meetings. On one hand, we have a strong connection on the soul level, but on the other, there are big differences on the level of personality. There is a lot of processing going on.

Being part of the Galactic Confederation domain

The job of the surface population is to create the Islands of Light. The job of the members of the special Light forces is to liberate the planet.

----- Q & A ------

Question: Contact Dish.

Answer: Contact Dish will start before the Event, but the main part of the cabal needs to be eliminated.

Question: The Bubbles of Heaven.

Answer: The Primary anomaly gets diminished within the Bubbles of Heaven. They are the area where we can use more of our free will. The power of the dark forces is diminished there and will decrease to zero at the time of the Event.

Question: Naples.

Answer: The vortex in Naples is active from time to time.

Question: Autoimmune diseases.

Answer: The cause is in the strong emotional drama. The emotional blockages need to be resolved and immune system will fix itself.

Question: Little children.

Answer: Love them, support them and… respect their free will too.

Question: Africa.

Answer: First, there are base chakra issues. That needs to be improved – water, shelter, the basic needs to be met. Second: education. Third: awakening.

Second part of the program:

The ascension process

- individual

- group

- planetary

Individual ascension process

Integrating all that needs to be healed

- being honest,

- becoming one with yourself,

- divine marriage between personality and soul,

- this will not happen before erasing all programs.

Primary Contracts Removal

This is the first step towards our liberation. As we entered the quarantine, we have had to sign the contract with the dark forces. Visa process – this was one of the conditions coming to this planet.

Primary Contracts Removal Protocol:

“In the Name of my I Am Presence

In the Name of the I Am that I Am

I cancel and I nullify

All my contracts and agreements

With the dark forces

Past, present and future

And I decree and I command

All consequences of those contracts

To be null and void

So be it and so it is!”

Use it each time when you are under attack. We are clearing thousands of years of conditioning.

----- Q & A ------

Question: Toplet bombs.

Answer: If one would be triggered, everything would be absorbed into one toplet particle in a black hole, which would be very tough to resolve.

Implant triangulation

An implant is a black hole, charged and has a certain message inside;

(We are shown a drawing much similar to this one: )

(We are shown a picture of pure toroid field;)

Optional pictures:

The map of implants:

The ‘’implant triangle’’ is keeping your consciousness within the primary anomaly.

How to clear implants:

The principle: one part of the implant is programing your mind. The mind is acting as an agent of the primary belief system that you have: “I AM NOT GOD”. Everything emerges from this belief system. We are clearing this implant by putting our mind in two opposing states, affirmations:

I am God. I am not God.

Start writing this for about 10 minutes, by putting yourself completely in those two opposite states.

The second implant:

Sex is not love. Sex is love.

Write this for 10 minutes by going in that state of consciousness.

Basic structure of our energy field

These are different energy bodies and fields which will be absorbed into the Light body at some point. (Soul body – higher self or Light body)

Crystal body to dissolve implants

We visualize ourselves inside this crystal in light blue color. The crystal structure will begin to dissolve all imperfections inside your body. When the Light body is activated - a crystal, which is actually a multidimensional portal – you receive a conscious connection with your Higher Self, you become your Higher Self. It creates a rotational torus. The tachyon chamber increases the rotation speed of our toroidal field.

The heart chakra is a portal, through which space/time continuum exists (?). A rotating sphere creates the space/time continuum. We have a rotating sphere inside our heart chakra. Polarity is created within two rotating spheres of electrical current and magnetic current – we have a rotating electromagnetic field. When that rotation reaches the speed of light, it leads to ascension, we navigate through space and time with our own body.

The Light forces have advanced spiritual technologies to assist us in the ascension process. ATVOR is a very advanced pillar of Light. It is generated in motherships located above us. It is charged with high energy particles of liquid Light from the Cosmic Central Sun since 21st of January 2019. At some point, this will allow the teleportation onto the motherships.

Visualization exercise for connecting with this energy:

“I call upon the pillar of pure White Light

To descend upon me and form around me

I call upon the Presence of I Am that I Am

I ask the Presence of I Am that I Am

To join and merge with me”

We connect with the mothership and we descend the pillar of Light through our body to the center of the Earth and we visualize another pillar of Light ascending back upward through our bodies.

Those high energy particles are descending and ascending, flowing through your energy field and aligning you with your I AM PRESENCE. We stay within this presence for a few minutes.

ATVOR technology is being developed all the time.

Group ascension process

This is the next level.

- This is usually a much faster process than the individual ascension process,

- It can happen only with soul family groups, who are dedicated to the ascension process,

- It is an individual and planetary process as well.

- The group itself begins to activate the group mothership and the group Light body,

- Ascension process gets accelerated, the purification of belief systems’ is also accelerated,

- This group is actually a map, which is a reflection of the planetary situation,

- All participants in the Islands of Light will go through this process,

- If members are not able to process those blockages, the group will fall apart,

- We evolve from unconscious soul family tribal arrangement (which existed before patriarchy of the matrix) to the conscious soul families.

- There are two aspects of this process:

  1. The first option is monogamy, where couples remain dedicated to each other not because of arrangement to secure their fears, but because of their free will. They will feel their purpose, without the drama.

  2. The second option are open relationships. When implants are cleared, this will have far reaching consequences for the planetary Light grid.

----- Q & A ------

Question: White fire of AN/ATVOR.

Answer: the White fire of AN is of different frequency, ATVOR is dedicated to the ascension process.

We are starting new phase: The Islands of Light

Planetary ascension process

It started with the second phase of the phase transition. It will dissolve and transform all aspects of your life.

Connect with the energy of the Central Cosmic Sun and Cosmic Central Race.

December 21st 2012 – first phase started

January 21st 2019 – first phase ended

The first phase was a pure convection phase, the Light was triggering the darkness. All Light was immediately absorbed by the darkness, the most dark in our history. Second phase - the excess Light is remaining stable on the surface of the planet, the intensity is increasing. It is expected that the second phase will be shorter then the first one. The disclosure will happen faster. At a certain moment, between phase 3 and phase 4, it there will be a breakthrough – the removal of dark forces. The Light forces take over the mass media; it will be the climax of the planetary ascension process. The fourth phase – the old reality collapses, a new society forms. Light will become the norm. All of the surface population will need to go through the transformation process by facing the manipulative deeds of the dark forces and go through their own individual process.

The fifth phase – more and more Islands of Lights emerge and the first contact officially happens. The integration of Earth in the galactic society begins.

1st Ascension Wave – a few thousand people ascend,

2nd Ascension Wave – hundreds of thousands people ascend.

3rd Ascension Wave – millions of people ascend.

There are two phases of the galactic pulse: the first one happening at the time of the Event and second one happening between the 5th - 6th phase, when the physical polar shift occurs. There are already signs of this coming magnetic shift. Huge tsunamis will happen. Humanity will be evacuated to a planet in the Pleiades star system. All remaining darkness on the planet will be purified.

Various cosmic cycles are being completed now. The precession cycle,.. the galactic equator alignment occurred on May 17th, 1998. The shift of the ages… we are located in a dimensional portal between 1975 and 2025, the shifting of the cosmic cycles, the 13.500 years cycle...

We have been trained to activate our mission now to assist the beginning of the new cosmic cycle. We are the leaders of this transformation. If you do your mission, the forces of Light will be with you. You will do impossible things. Although the enemy is stronger, we are winning because we have a stronger position in cosmic scheme.

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